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About Us

Connect MyTown is a place where people can connect to share their skills and benefit from the skills of others in their community. This web and app-based platform connects skilled service providers with the people who need them. In fact, services can be provided virtually as well as in-person because sometimes our ‘community’ extends outside of the town we live in, and because sometimes virtual services will just more convenient for us.

I created Connect MyTown Inc after seeing—and experiencing—the challenges associated with moving to a new town. As you know, being displaced from family and friends sometimes means not knowing who to call for help. As a military member who moves frequently, I see these challenges often, so I developed a resource that I feel is desperately needed: an online space where anyone can quickly and easily access support and skills in their community.

We all have things on our list; some big, some small. Your list might include things such as: find a babysitter, a tutor, a photographer, arrange a one-on-one reading session for my kids, find a repair person for something, get my laptop working, organize my basement, prep meals for the week. It can be overwhelming! Your list might also include self-improvement goals such as: practice a new language, get smarter at budgeting, get fit, learn to knit, learn to play a new instrument, improve my cooking, or learn to stand-up paddle board. Connect MyTown can help you accomplish these too, by connecting you with the talented people in your community.

Connect MyTown is also great way to get paid for the skills you've learned and gathered along the way. Everyone has a skill and a talent to offer that is profitable and you may not even realize it! This can be a full-time job, a side-job, or anything in between, because any amount of time offered and received is a win-win. I encourage you to take a few minutes to think about the skills you’ve picked up along the way, that others could potentially benefit from.

Although the idea for Connect MyTown grew from living in a military town, I realize that many people could benefit from skill sharing. Our mission is to connect people, share skills, and make each other’s lives a little bit better!


Connect MyTown